Katie O neill

Being a coach myself, and having bad coaching experiences in the past, I was very picky and particular in my search for a great coach this time to help me with my fitness goals. 

When I moved from Ohio to Florida, I was determined to find a great coach to help me get back into feeling great. I competed in the Bikini division back in 2013 and refused to settle with the package that I brought to the stage back then. I did not have a good experience with that show and coach, but I knew I wanted to eventually get back on stage since I knew I had more potential than what I brought back then. 

I finally came across Chris and speaking to him about what I was looking for, there was no doubt in my mind that I had found THE BEST coach I would ever have.

When I began with Chris, we started with an open-ended prep. I finally had a coach to help me properly reverse diet to get me prepared to compete again, the right way. We began nutrition and dieting 7 months prior to the shows chosen. The prep was fun and educational. Chris goes above and beyond in his coaching. He takes the time to explain things, he is always responsive, everything is individualized and NOT “cookie cutter”

The shows we chose, one being the Tampa Bay Classic, I took 1st and Overall champion in the Bikini division! Second show was the OCB Dynamic Fitness Classic, and I placed 3rd! I could not have done this without Chris and his expertise and guidance!

Chris will forever be my coach and now friend. I can’t wait to have him by my side for many more amazing seasons!