Haras Karimi

“I have been a competitive bodybuilder for the past 12 years and have trained as a bodybuilder for the last 14 years. I have contest prepped on my own as well as with other reputable prep coaches throughout the years. Some good experiences and some not so much, but in doing so, I can honestly  say that working with Competitive Breed has exceeded all of my expectations and has been the been decision I feel I could have made in regards to my bodybuilding career. I started off as a teenage bodybuilder, and at the time there wasn’t much information out there for natural athletes for training and nutrition.

Even with the lack of helpful content, I was able to become competitive through trial and error. I have learned more these past 2 years working with competitive breed on my gaining phase and contest prep, than I have the previous 12 years. The knowledge Chris has in the field of bodybuilding, gaining mass and fat loss is vast, and coupled with his passion for the sport makes him the perfect fit for me. His attention to detail is astounding, and he has helped me understand how the smallest factors executed correctly can make drastic changes to the body. We set out a goal to win the Overall at the INBF Naturalmania, and we accomplished that goal. If you live by the motto “no stone unturned” and are willing to work hard, then Competitive Breed will be the perfect fit for you as well!”