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I started watching Christopher Barakat through instagram and I was highly impressed with his level of professionalism and knowledge . I thought that he would be the perfect one to guide me through my transformation . I already had a good background in nutrition so i was very familiar with tracking macros and stuff plus i was in my first year as a nutrition student . My goal was to improve my body composition and maintain a lean physique.

When I contacted Chris Barakat I was coming back from a very aggressive cut and i lost control over myself , i was gaining lots of body fat and i decided to take the process more slowly and steady . We finally started and i was enjoying every single moment .

Maxhype was a game changer for me, even when i’m dieting my overall performance was improving . Chris was extremely detailed and responsive in every weekly check in.

We worked together for around 1 year and I couldn’t be happier seeing my body transforming on a  weekly basis . I went from 224 lbs to 188 lbs and now I’m in my reverse diet phase . I’m so thankful that i worked with Chris Barakat and I hope that I will be a great coach like him ! Chris is taking Natural Bodybuilding to a whole new level!”