Albert Shao CB

“I have always wanted to compete in natural bodybuilding. However, due to long school hours, work, and internship, I was very limited on time to be fully committed to contest prep. After graduating from graduate school, I knew it was time for me to finally begin to chase my dream to be on a natural stage. I was always on social media looking around for different contest prep coaches, so that I would have an idea who I would like to work with. It was not until a friend of mine who showed me pictures of Chris and I actually saw my friend’s physique change into a whole new level. Although, Chris is younger than these other top coaches, DO NOT let his age fool you. His knowledge about nutrition and training is SUPERB. Working with Chris has been a great experience. 

Chris really took his time to check in on me to make sure my prep was going as smooth as possible. He helped me not physically, but mentally as well to help push me. We just finished my two warm up shows and we definitely saw great things. Chris makes adjustments according to how I feel and how my physical state is. No cookie cutting stuff here. Chris also took his time to teach and explain, why he chooses certain methods for me. We have another show coming up and I cannot wait to see what time, consistency, and hard work will bring. Thank you again Chris!