Competitive Breed offers a variety of services to ensure all athletes maximize their potential through progressive exercise programming while synchronizing their nutritional needs. Whether your goal is to dominate on the field, court, platform, or  stage, Competitive Breed can provide the coaching you need. Read through our services and click here to contact! 

Competition Prep

Personalized programs are designed to  ensure performance is optimized through synchronizing nutritional needs for each athlete. Each physique will transform to their utmost potential. 
- Different Packages Available
- Nutritional, Training and Cardio Adjustments 
- Weekly Check-In's
- Unlimited Contact via E-Mail
- Posing Instruction/ Practice via Video Chat  

Training Programs

Each individuals’ goals are the primary focus when developing a training program.  It is crucial that each program is specific for the clients’ craft. Whether you are a beginner or have years of experience Competitive Breed can customize a progressive program for you. 


Sports Rehab 

Therapeutic Exercise programs are created to ensure progressive recovery in order to permit athletes to return to full activity for their given sport.  Whether you've suffered a traumatic injury, are in the post surgical stage, or have a chronic injury, Competitive Breed can help you recover.

Weight Cuts for Athletic Competition

Competitive Breed can assist all ‘weight class’ athletes reach their goal in a healthy manner while ensuring performance doesn’t suffer.

Whether you are a wrestler, mixed martial artist, or powerlifter, Competitive Breed can help you make weight within a healthier, less stressful environment.






Competitive Breed may be able to assist you reach another goal of yours. If your needs will be best catered under the supervision of other professionals, we will be happy to refer you to those we can trust.




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