MaX-Hype eXtreme Training Program






The MaX-Hype eXtreme Training Program was the first and original MaX-Hype program written by Christopher Barakat and Chris Elkins specifically for muscular hypertrophy. We have made adjustments based on the feedback from the Alpha Tester squad of over 225 trainees and are now excited to be releasing it to the general public. 

Signing up for the MaX-Hype Training Program will include the PDF of the program (not to be shared) and an excel sheet to track your workouts. It's a high volume, high frequency program designed for the experienced intermediate to advanced lifter. The program includes a complete e-book explanation, video tutorials of every single exercise in the program, and access to the private Facebook Group where you can share your progress and ask questions about the program.

Most training sessions can be completed within 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on rest times.









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