Christopher Barakat, MS, ATC, CISSN - Founder


      Master of Science
          • Exercise and Nutrition
              University of Tampa (2016)

      Bachelor of Science
          • Athletic Training
              Stony Brook University (2015)

          • Athletic Trainer (ATC)
          • Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN)
              International Society of Sports Nutrition 


      Legion Athletics

        •  All Natural Supplements
        •  Full Clinical Dosing for Ingredients Proven to Work
        •  No Artifical Colors or Sweeteners
        •  No Banned Substances (WADA Approved)
        •  Highest Quality & Purity    


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Christopher Barakat is an adjunct professor at the University of Tampa currently teaching a nutritional supplements course. He is also a scientist conducting studies on how to optimize body composition through training and nutritional interventions under Dr. De Souza in the Human Performance Lab.  He is a graduate of the Exercise and Nutritional Science Masters program at University of Tampa.  

He is also a contributing author for some of the Fitness Industries largest online magazines such as and T-Nation 

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from Stony Brook University.  During his two years in the program, Chris worked with multiple NCAA Division I teams, including Football, Men’s Basketball, Volleyball and Softball.  Some of his responsibilities included implementing injury prevention strategies, first aid/ emergency care, therapeutic modalities, and rehabilitation programs.  Chris is eager to expand upon his educational foundation in order to provide excellent service and maximize his clients’ success. Chris is extremely passionate about helping each client develop physically and mentally.  Each individuals' needs vary based on their goals, lifestyle and preferences, and Chris puts his best effort forward in formulating a plan that takes all factors into consideration.

Chris will always continue to strive to grow as a coach, learn from others in the industry, interpret new scientific findings, and use his past experience to better himself and those around him. Chris’s first competitive bodybuilding experience was in 2011 as a teenager at the INBF Long Island Experience in which he won the Teen division and his weight class.  Later in 2013 he competed at the INBF Northeast America in which he won the Juniors and open lightweight class.  Chris has big competitive aspirations and will return to the stage in 2017 to compete for his natural pro-card and then work towards climbing his way up the ranks.  








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