Nicole Morgan CB

“Before I began my competition prep for the 2015 season I had no intention of working with a coach- I had been on a different team with other coaches the previous season and felt displeasure with the package I brought to the stage. My plan was to listen to my body and try to diet down on my own- and I am so happy that things did not turn out that way.
Chris began working with me shortly after the start of my “independent” contest prep. He is very thorough and very detailed; He takes the time to both gather as much information about you and your training as possible, as well as answer any questions you may have. I found both of these things to be very refreshing as there are many ‘coaches’ and ‘trainers’ out there who are all too willing to take your money without ever explaining the “how” or “why” of what they have set up for you, or making you feel like a priority. Chris takes the time to explain, never hesitates to respond to questions, and most importantly he makes you feel confident in your prep and your results.

My goal this year was to bring a better package to the stage than last year and thanks to Chris and being on team Competitive Breed I accomplished that. In fact, I ended up placing 1st place in Figure Open class Medium at the Mr. and Mrs. Natural Connecticut! That was my first ever attempt at competing in the Open class, I had planned to compete in Novice originally. I am looking forward to a strong offseason working with Chris and supporting my fellow teammates on Competitive Breed. Chris, Conductor of the ‘gain train’ – I couldn’t have done this without you!



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