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“When I linked up with Chris my goals were simple. I was already in good shape for a mom of 4 but I wanted to level up, get stronger and leaner and really carve out some details in my physique. I accomplished that beyond my expectations in a way shorter time than I thought possible.  What’s more is the mental transformation. Through my working with Chris and his positive encouraging guidance, I myself became a much more positive person bent on helping others. My dedication, discipline and work ethic all exploded with his example being the spark. Chris has an amazing education and was able to coach me through everything from hormonal imbalances to properly deloading when I was tanked. I started this experience “behaving” because I had a coach to answer to and didn’t want to waste his time, but by the end I was fully driven, realizing I had to answer to myself and the goals that I had set for myself. Yes, Chris will absolutely help you meet your physique goals but man is he great at spurring you on to a more independently fueled mindset and that will set you up for a lifetime of success!”