Korey CB

“Working with Chris has been one of the best if not the best decision I’ve made in my competitive career. I’ve previously worked with big-name prep coaches and had a decent experience, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with Chris at first. When we talked prior during our initial screening he informed me he’s big on food choices, nutrient timing and other protocols that are deemed “bro” in today’s bodybuilding circle but reassured me everything would be calculated and precise and I would come in with my best physique yet. Low and behold he was absolutely right. He came up with a year long game plan to initially do a mini-cut, then reverse diet and then go into a contest prep. 

Chris’ coaching exceeded all my expectations. He was thorough, precise and kept lines of communication open. He encouraged me to speak up if I had any questions and would be more than happy to explain the method to his madness. After our year long journey together I’m happy to announce I got my prestigious WNBF pro card in our first show working together and are continuing together towards my 2 year offseason into my pro debut. I can’t recommend Chris and his Competitive Breed coaching enough and look forward to our future together. Thanks for all your guidance Chris!” 



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