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“I’ve been following Chris on Instagram for a while reading his very informative infographics on nutrition and posts on resistance training.  I finally had the pleasure of meeting him at the WNBF Muscle Mayhem in California where we both competed in.  Meeting him in person revealed a very humble, generous, kind and intelligent young man who was very knowledgeable in the bodybuilding space.  Talking to him was like talking a friend I’ve known for a long time, it was then I knew this was going to be the beginning of a great relationship. 

After my third pro bodybuilding show, he offered to help me reach my potential to bring my absolute best to the IPE Worlds Championship that I had qualified for.  He guided me throughout the process, from training, nutrition and with supplementation.  Every time I had a question about the process he was quick to respond and was always so informative with his answers ensuring I knew exactly why I was doing things.  With Chris’ expert advice and constant feedback I was able to bring my best presentation to the World Championship.  If you’re looking for someone to guide you and ensure that your at your absolute best at your next competition I highly recommend Chris.  One of the best guys I know, and I look forward to taking it to the next level with him.”